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My first experience of 'Sparking Joy' by setting up a Birthday Lawn Greeting!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

A few weeks ago I set up a birthday card in my yard at my home in Calgary for my daughter, Leona, who had recently turned two. Although her birthday was a few weeks before this, I had just received my inventory and wanted to take an awesome photo for my new business and website!

We had recently moved into the neighbourhood and were slowly meeting our new neighbours. Little did I know that having this card up in our yard was a great conversation starter and ice breaker. People walking by stopped to wish Little Leo a happy birthday as she scootered around on our driveway. She smiled and took it like a champ, even though it may have confused her a bit!

Even days after I took the card down, people were stopping us on our walks and asking if this was "the birthday girl". She proudly smiled and we were introduced to many lovely people.

One man who approached me while I was setting up the card was an elderly man who lives across the street. I had seen him gardening many times before but we have never exchanged words. He rode over on his electric wheelchair and asked us, "Which one of you is 2 years old today?" Leona and I both smiled. I told my daughter to ask him how old he was. He told us that he was turning 90 on the 16th of this month. I made a mental note, knowing that I was going to do something special for him.

When the 16th rolled around I snuck over at midnight and set up a small card on his front yard that said "90 Years!". I was out for the whole day so I wasn't sure if he made it outside that day to see his surprise.

A few days went by and while watering my grass one day I felt a presence over my shoulder. "Thank you for the sign, dear. It was very thoughtful of you." It warmed my heart.

But the joy didn't stop there.

Just yesterday I was getting into my car when I overheard another neighbour walking past Lawrence, who was out in his front yard pulling weeds, shout "Happy Birthday!" I smiled to myself and may have even shed a tear!

The birthday lawn card really brought the community together and I hope brought him a little joy. All the best to him in his wonderful 9th decade of life!

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Aug 27, 2020

This is so adorable!!

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