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"I didn't get my wife anything for her Birthday" Well - It's your lucky day!

This past Thursday was a busy night for me. I had one event card to take down and two to set up! I packed up my car, grabbed a fizzy pop and was on my way out the door around 10pm.

As I was finishing up setting up the second card on a beautiful corner lot in Panorama (this lot had a PRIME yard for a lawn greeting), a man who was out for a evening stroll approached me and asked if I knew the people who lived here or if this was a business. I proudly told him this was my new business but I was trying to stay quiet as I did not want to draw attention to what I was doing as the husband inside was hoping to surprise his wife!

He told me his wife’s birthday was also tomorrow (!!!!) and said he didn't get her anything! He asked if I would set up a card on his lawn which was just two houses down! I drove home to get more letters and then boogied back to set up the card on his lawn.

As I was driving I was thinking of how funny and ironic this was.

This guy just out for a late night stroll probably slightly stressing out about the fact he didn't buy his wife a birthday gift, and then stumbling upon me, probably not believing his luck!

Two neighbours, who probably just knew each other in passing, waking up to learn they had the same birthday.

One husband's unique great idea getting piggy backed on by his neighbour.

And both wives wondering which man thought of it first or if this was just a random coincidence!

Regardless, I hope these two wives were happy on their birthdays!

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